More Questions

Where will this be held?

This hackathon will be fully virtual.

Discord will be used to interact with everyone, have fun events, games, and send you announcements.

For workshops, and other sub-events, we're planning on using Youtube Live Stream; however, as we approach the hackathon, this may be subject to change.

What's the theme?

We have 6 tracks:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Women Security
  • Disaster Management
  • Open Innovation

Who is eligible to attend?

Everyone around the world including school or college students, working professionals or people not having any formal education are invited to join us in this mega celebration.

Are we allowed to build on past projects/submit old projects?

Yes. Although you are encouraged to build your project from scratch during the hackathon, you can bring your old projects, but you will be judged on the features you add during the hackathon.

What are workshops?

Workshops are mini-lessons that introduce one to a concept or topic. Here at Hackodisha we are planning to host several workshops based on Web Development, Robotics, Finance etc.

How can I make a team? What if I don't have one?

If you have people you want to work with, you can add them to your team on the Devfolio. If you do not have anyone to work with yet, you can go to the #team-formation channel on Discord and meet others.

Is there anyone I can talk to if I'm having trouble with my project or the hackathon?

We'll be providing help during the hackathon in the Discord! You may ask a mentor or fellow peers. Drop in and ask questions.