Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge that your participation in any component of Hackodisha, including but not limited to workshops, digital platforms and communities (such as Discord and Zoom) project submission and judging and activities (collectively, the "Event") constitutes your full and unconditional agreement in accepting these Terms and Conditions.

The term "you" refers to you, the "Participant".

The term "Organizers" refers to the organizers of the Event.

The term "Sponsors" refers to the sponsors of the Event.

You acknowledge and agree that you meet all the eligibility criteria outlined in the Hackodisha Rules, which are necessary to be of an eligible Participant. An eligible participant is referred to the Hackodisha Rules as an "eligible participant".


You will own any developments made by you during the Event and all rights, title, and interest in those developments, including the intellectual property rights therein shall belong to you. However, you acknowledge that during the course of the Event you may obtain access to products, developments, information and other materials belonging to other participants of the Event the Sponsors and/or other third parties ("Third Party Materials") and that nothing in these Terms and Conditions is deemed to transfer any ownership, right, title or interest in such Third Party Materials to you. Your only rights to the Third Party Materials shall be those expressly granted to you by the owner(s) of the Third Party Materials. Specifically, any APIs or other software provided to you by Sponsors are subjected to the subscription terms and software licenses associated with such APIs or other software.

Confidential Information

You acknowledge that the Event is intended to be an Event where ideas are shared freely and therefore acknowledge that any information that you share with other participants of the Event, the Sponsors and/or other third parties during the Event is solely at your discretion and risk. If you wish to protect your information, it is solely your responsibility to implement confidentiality and security measures with respect to the persons to whom you are disclosing your information. None of the releasees shall have any responsibility under these Terms and Conditions or by virtue of their participation in the Event with respect to your information.


You consent to communications by the Organizers (including email communications, both marketing and informational). These communications include but are not limited to information about prizes, upcoming events, and messages from our Sponsors.


All submissions must adhere to the Hackodisha Rules.

You acknowledge that if you provide the Organizers with false or misleading information, or otherwise contravene the rules and obligations set out in this document, you forfeit your right to participate in the Event and/or obtain any prizes from the Event. You agree that in such a case, the Organizers may pursue any remedy in law or equity to reclaim any prize or recover any damages occurring as a result of your contravention or misrepresentation.

Any Organizer of the Event reserves the right to individually, at their discretion and without limitation, disqualify any participant(s), team(s), or submitted project(s) for any reason, including without limitation any real or perceived violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Hackodisha Rules, the Hackodisha Code of Conduct, or laws in any applicable jurisdiction.


Any Organizer of the Event reserves the right to individually at their discretion and without limitation, remove any participant(s) from the Event or from any digital platform(s) associated with the Event (including but not limited to Zoom and Discord), with immediate effect, for any reason, including, without limitation, any real or perceived violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Hackodisha Code of Conduct, any other applicable Codes of Conduct, or laws in any applicable jurisdiction.

Organizers reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend the Event in whole or in part, in the event of fraud, technical, or other difficulties or if the integrity of the Event is compromised, without liability to the participants. In the event that the Organizers fail to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions, this shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.